Web Based Tracking

Web-Based Tracking System

IPI Reports is a web-based tracking system which has been a central tool of Interior Preservation Inc. for close to 10 years. The site is secure and easy to use. Your personalized password gives you privacy and the ability to access schedules and information. This system allows total accountability of our services.

The Reports are digital. You are able to see the actual Report as it was filled out during the service, by the maintenance supervisor and signed by your manager. Color coded floor plans are included, which have always been a key ingredient with regards to how the service is planned and executed.

The IPI Reports system allows total accountability of our services.

Schedules are now in real-time. If changes are requested, IPI Reports will show these at the moment. A new feature is the Call Log. As our support and maintenance personnel have dialog with your company representative, they transcribe this conversation onto a log. This log is available to you on the website.

Included in the secured, web-based tracking system:

  • Online viewing of color coded floor plans
  • Real time scheduling of services. Past, present and future services
  • Copy of technician’s notes following the service–signed by manager
  • Repair issues will be brought to your attention
  • Digital pictures of jobs (when necessary)
  • Comments by the Maintenance Supervisor
  • Correspondence will be filed on-line
  • Multiple locations can be accommodated
  • In the case of multiple locations, a master password for Corporate access and individual password for each location’s manager is available