Why IPI?

Interior Preservation, Inc. was established 25 years ago by a group of trained maintenance technicians, specializing in periodic deep cleaning and interior restoration for commercial interiors. Our goal was to extend this periodic service into carefully managed maintenance programs that encompass various types of flooring and interior finishes. Programs that incorporate each space having distinct characteristics. We design cost effective deep cleaning programs to maximize the appearance and useful life of your installed products.

We extend an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

While we continue to be based in the New York Metro area, IPI has grown into a national organization, managed by specialists and delivered by trained technicians. Our initial goals remain as we continue to raise the standard of interior maintenance. IPI has demonstrated a compatibility with daily janitorial companies and building managers as well as mall management. We are committed to the highest standards of business integrity and extend an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

Is periodic deep cleaning maintenance really necessary?

The purchase of your flooring and interior finishes was a significant investment. The value of it should be measured by the appearance and durability over time. Every product manufacturer supports the fact that planned maintenance ultimately extends the life cycle cost of your purchase, while avoiding costly restoration. Therefore, an asset management approach is essential in order to maximize the return on this investment. The outcome will provide you with years of superior performance and satisfaction.